Yvan Erbs, President of the Institut Pierre Delbet

« Health is a cellular competence, characterized by the ability of each cell in the body, in coordination with other cells, to ensure all the biochemical reactions for which it is responsible »

Yvan ERBS is President of the Institut Pierre Delbet and Director of the Pierre Delbet Village dietary program, involving 4985 inhabitants of Moapé village in Côte d’Ivoire.

The Global Pandemic Explosion (GPE) is real, and the so-called ‘diseases of civilization’ are spreading at an alarming rate.

According to leading international organizations - including the WHO (World Health Organization), the IDF (International Diabetes Federation), and the AHA (American Heart Association) - in spite of the colossal sums of money invested in research, we do not yet have the means to stop the massive increases in cancer, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, osteoporosis, burn-out, depression and osteoarthritis that are forecast to occur between now and 2050.

The GPE therefore represents the biggest health challenge of the 21st Century, and it is on this subject that Yvan Erbs has worked for the last twenty years.

Given the enormous economic and social costs of these diseases (in the order of 30 billion dollars in 2030) and the devastating human impact, putting an end to the GPE is becoming a major international cause.

The Institut Pierre Delbet, founded by Yvan Erbs, brings an effective answer to the question, “How can we effectively prevent the GPE?”

« La santé se joue dans la cellule, et en la matière la cellule a une expertise de 3,5 milliards d’années. Elle sait produire de la santé, mais elle ne dispose pas des matériaux nécessaires, en quantités suffisantes, pour assurer cette expertise. Nous avons à l’Institut Pierre Delbet développé une nouvelle discipline : « la Cellulogie ».

Health is situated in the cell, and in matters of health, the cell draws on 3.5 billion years of expertise. It knows how to bring about health, but it does not have enough of the materials necessary to make use of this expertise. At the Institut Pierre Delbet, we have developed a new discipline – Cellulogy.

Health is a technology, and Cellulogy enables this technology to work effectively. Cellulogy could be deployed quickly and widely; its effectiveness can be rapidly evaluated, and it would cost less than any of the other currently suggested solutions.

In terms of disease prevention, ‘health’ is the best available response. And Cellulogy represents the most effective response to the challenge represented by the GPE.

Yvan Erbs is also the author of : “Génocide Alimentaire

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