Dietary Genocide – a book about magnesium

The Institut Pierre Delbet has published “Dietary Genocide” - a book about the importance of magnesium in the diet and the prevention of certain pandemics. In this 160 page book, Yvan Erbs has brought together a great deal of information on health, magnesium, and diet with the aim of preserving health and growing old in good health.

A book which explains the link between magnesium and pandemics

From the very first pages, Dietary Genocide draws attention to the explosion of pandemics such as cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and many others. Pandemics which are becoming more and more deadly and which affect more and more people. A frightening fact; but this rapid spread of diseases could be halted if effective means of prevention were better known by everyone.
Dietary Genocide provides an effective solution to prevent these pandemics – magnesium, the book’s guest of honor.

A book about maintaining health with magnesium

Dietary Genocide aims to increase awareness of the importance of health, and help the readers to maintain their health by promoting a magnesium rich diet.
Today, we are living longer and longer, but in poor health.
The quality of our diet is worsening…
Much more than simply a book about magnesium, Dietary Genocide provides the tools to maintain good health, to grow old in good health, and even to measure health.

A book which promotes a magnesium-rich diet

Many pages are dedicated to diet and foodstuffs rich in magnesium. One whole chapter uses clear, easy-to-understand tables to identify the foods recommended (and ones to avoid) to ensure sufficient magnesium intake. Soil degradation, some methods used in the processing of fruit and vegetables, and junk food are partly to blame for our worsening diet and our declining health. Thanks to this book, dietary improvement by the selection of magnesium-rich foods is now within everyone’s reach.

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From the book
«Cells in all known living things need magnesium. Without exception, the processes in which magnesium is involved affect every one of our cells. It is essential to our immune-system defenses, to our various activities and systems, including cardiovascular, digestive, neuro-muscular, endocrine, osteoarticular, respiratory, and ocular systems. Magnesium is also essential to the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and calcium phosphate. Without magnesium, our cells cannot function properly.»

Genocide Alimentaire, livre sur le magnésium  Genocide Alimentaire, livre sur le magnésium